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Events briefly.

Having completely exhausted the natural resources of the planet, and not having found a suitable practical alternative, the leaders of the planet decided to construct automated underground mega-complexes of "artificial sleep and life support" near the main population centers.

To preserve the species, millions of people worldwide were placed in these systems and put into a state of artificial sleep for an indefinite term, leaving the monitoring of changes in the surrounding environment and the patients sleeping inside to the complexes' robotic systems.

Exaella Anime Trailer

This video created from the preproduction video and audio material in 2010.

Exaella Anime Trailer was created to show the entire style, atmosphere and the mood of upcoming anime picture to the potential viewers.

Events detailed.

It all happened in one of the safest Somniupolis of the planet, inside one of the best-equipped and reliable mega-complexes - "Xonasu Region."

As in the very beginning, and in the last few decades, all the systems had operated in nominal mode until the satellite network transferred an array of unclassified data to the central analytical cluster.

According to the guidelines, the data were immediately isolated and sent to be re-evaluated in order to classify the registered events and to develop further options for protective and preventive efforts.

A few days later, the tranquility of the sleeping "Xonasu" was torn apart by sharp, blazing fragments of multiple meteors.

The area around the "Xonasu" faltered - a wave of interruptions and failures rapidly swept through the heart of its systems ... and one of the errors launched the sequence to awake the Supreme Operator of Xonasu. A little later - all was quiet and still.