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The people behind the story.

The most valuable and the significant part was created by talented voice-actors which has filled every single character with their very individual souls and has given them lives to make Exaella Anime especial and atmospheric.

The visual part of Exaella such as the concept of the world of Exaella, story writing, character design and creation, scenes setup and animation and many other elements was created by author of entire anime Andrew Oudot.

And this anime never could looks as it now without other person, who have created many of visual elements, such as architectural components design, main weapon design, aircrafts and the cybernetic items was developed by the designer and concept artist Isakawa Denisu (伊佐川デニス).

And last but not least, in the making this story thoughtful and heartwarming was the creation of a sophisticated soundtrack, filled with delicate emotions and the changes in mood.

And finally, it took more than three and a half years to produce Exaella anime and about a four additional years to support the entire project.

«Exaella Anime Ending»

This fragment created from original material of «Exaella Episodic Edition» released in 2012.

This video is made as the demonstrational material for the preview at the shop.andrewoudot.com



Exaella   あかり山本(Akari Yamamoto)
Ken   隠岐三城人(Oki Mikito)
Piku   あかり山本(Akari Yamamoto)
CESS   更・コルビー(Sara Colby )
A.I.   更・コルビー(Sara Colby )
Clouds   隠岐三城人(Oki Mikito)
Soldier   樽見和徳(Tarumi Kazunori)
Pilot   隠岐三城人(Oki Mikito)
Nav   更・コルビー(Sara Colby )
Shokumen   樽見和徳(Tarumi Kazunori)


English   Sara Colby
Russian   Tatiana Trushkina


Producer   Andrew Oudot
Co-Producer   伊佐川デニス(Isakawa Denisu)

Exaella OVA | Created by Andrew Oudot in 2011