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Artworks and wallpapers.

The set of official artworks created for Exaella Anime which is released by the creators of this anime.
All these pictures have been made as the downloadable wallpapers to use it for free for personal use on any appropriate device.

Wallpaper «Interface»

This is the most significant artwork of Exaella which is became a base for many components of entire design such as the website layout, the anime poster, the main design for DVD and CD releases and more.

Created by Isakawa Denisu (伊佐川デニス) in 2010.

Wallpaper «Flight»

This artwork is created on an a earlier stage of Exaella anime production process to show one of emotional components of the entire upcoming anime.

Created by Isakawa Denisu (伊佐川デニス) in 2009.

Wallpaper «Exaella Chisai»

This artwork is the attempt to step away a bit from the entire drama around the story and to focus on one of hidden emotional parts of a main character.

Created by Andrew Oudot (王人登闇渡龍) in 2011.